Friday, 25 July 2014

Warburtons Deli Thins…

  • A coupon for a FREE sample of Warburtons Deli Thins, redeemable at Tesco
  • A selection of money off pass along coupons to share with friends and family. Redeemable at Tesco
  • A leaflet with lots of information about Warburtons and Deli Thins
  • A selection of delicious recipes to get your imagination firing about how to use Deli Thins
My BzzAgent Envelope arrived this morning, and here’s the contents:

There’s a £1.60 coupon for myself and 8 x 60p coupons for my friends.
Hmm… given that the Deli Thins cost £1.60 per pack I might struggle to find enough people to agree to pay £1 towards testing this product (only one coupon is redeemable per transaction)…especially as it’s only available in Tesco (and many of my friends shop elsewhere).
I’d question the kit claim that there’d be ” lots of information about Warburtons and Deli Thins” and the “selection of delicious recipes to get your imagination firing about how to use Deli Thins” appears to be a single recipe on the back of the promo A5 for Tuna Nicoise Thins.
The range consists of:
Seeded with olive oil.
Honey Wheat.
Mixed herb and olive oil.
Product information from The Official Warburtons Website:

My opinions:
My local Tesco only had one variety of Deli Thins in stock; seeded with olive oil; so those were the ones I bought! I was surprised at how small they are as I was expecting something the size of a regular slice of bread. There’s 6 thins in each pack.
The pack was a little tricky to open, so I ended up using scissors (maybe it’s just me?)

I’m a vegetarian so these were my sandwich filling choices:
Mozzarella and cherry tomatoes.

The product itself is very soft although it didn’t really taste of anything obvious. This was ok as a snack but after one round of sandwiches (1 thin) I was still hungry. The pack instructions say to use within 2 days after opening, so I ended up having 3 of them in one go, but at 113 calories per thin anyone on a diet would need to watch themselves.

Sliced bananas.
The filling does tend to fall out of the sides quite easily. One way round this is to flatten the thins and squash the contents before eating. (Be careful when doing this with tomatoes as they tend to squirt out the side at high velocity!)

Toasted, with peanut butter.
I tried them out in the toaster and they worked quite well, although 1 slice browned slightly quicker than the other. Spread with peanut butter they were actually quite tasty – success!

Although this experiment has been very interesting, and I’ve had an opportunity to try out something new to eat,  I’m not entirely sure I’d bother to purchase this product.
Additional Information:
Allergy advice on the wrapper states: This product is produced in a bakery which uses milk.
In the list of ingredients, the items in bold point out potential allergens;
Wheat Flour, Wheat Gluten, Barley Malt and Soya Flour.
If freezing – freeze on day of purchase.
Store in a cool dry place, ideally not refrigerated (spotted after I’d placed it in the fridge all day!)
Vegetarian Society Approved.
Seeds (in the seeded with olive oil Deli Thins): poppy, millet, sunflower, pumpkin and brown linseeds.